Candy Buffet

Candy Buffets are becoming a fun and novel way to entertain your guests during your wedding day.  Personally I am a sweetie fiend so I fully approve of candy buffets!

I recently went shopping for an up coming candy buffet and the phrase “a kid in a candy store” could not hit the spot more!   

Joann Shopping

Sweetie aisle = bliss

Candy Buffets can add a WOW factor to any wedding or event or it can be done simply for fun.     

It can be lovely idea to keep the selection of sweeties within your colour scheme or go completely retro with lots of old school sweeties.   At my wedding my husband choose rhubarb and custard sweets (not a fan myself) however marriage is all about compromise!     

Here are some lovely examples from some inspirational US weddings:     

Classic and Elegant

Colourful and Fun

Vibrant and Funky

It is always a great idea to accessorise your buffet too using scoops, popcorn boxes and 10p-mix paper bags (we all remember those).


It will always be a talking point at any wedding and I tend to find guests leaving with handbags and sporans over-flowing with sweeties for the journey home!

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