Transforming a ceremony space

DSCN3957I decided to blog about this church design to give an example of how anything is possible. The Muthill Parish Church, I have to say has been the nicest church I have had the pleasure of being involved with. The minister, the staff and the whole community could not have been more welcoming to myself and the wedding. A lovely community who hold their arms open to visitors and the changes that we had requested to be made to the churh.

I have posted some photos below (not of great quality as they are taken my myself – no amateur photographer I can tell you!). However I feel this gives an understanding of the before and after of the church.

I had a team brought in from the Friday evening until Saturday lunchtime to enable them to lay new carpets throughout the church and build a room within the anti room which was used as a playgroup.


The lovely Reverand William Ross


The Entrance Hall, was cleared of the notice board and replaced by 2 lovely pedestals and a red carpet.

2. Entrance for red carpet from front door



There were two doors leading into the anti room which then lead to two entrance doors into the double aisle body of the church.

We had four walls constructed and draped with cloth to which the Gelneagles florist attached lots of lovely cream roses with stems and water tubes which were wrapped in white satin.

4. Anti room from Body of Church 8. Curved wall of anti room





The main part of the church had new cream carpets laid, floral garlands around the pillars, window sills decrated and the metal umbrella holders on the floor were covered in pewter material and some rose petals.

13. Right hand aisle


16. Step up from Alter


18. Arial view of the alter


I am sure you will agree, there was a huge transformation to this lovely church however it does not take away from the special people that lovingly operate this building and from the couple’s very special day.

Many thanks to Rankine Photography for the amazing photos above (the bad photos have clearly been taking by myself!)

I was lucky enough to return to Muthill Parish Church a year later for Julie and Neils Wedding (please click here to view).

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