An adventure to Scotland

Venue – Lennoxlove House

This was a fun filled week of activities and fun, for guests from all over the globe. The couple were from Russia and Texas USA, they booked Lennoxlove House for a few nights and everyone had a fabulous time. Sight seeing in Edinburgh, playing golf on the exclusive renaissance golf course, visiting castles in the borders on their own private tour bus and celebrating lots of birthdays with a private meal in the Garden room at Prestonfield House and Dalhousie Castle.

The wedding day was a magical day with lots of lovely surprises for the guests throughout the day.

Thank you to Ross Barbour for the wonderful photographs. You can also view the wedding highlights here Inspire Video 

McGill 017McGill 001McGill 020McGill 049McGill 060McGill 068McGill 070McGill 077McGill 083McGill 095McGill 096McGill 118McGill 148McGill 151McGill 167McGill 178McGill 218McGill 259McGill 269McGill 336McGill 393McGill 403McGill 419McGill 460McGill 466McGill 468McGill 490McGill 498McGill 541McGill 664McGill 675McGill 677McGill 759McGill 784McGill 794McGill 804McGill 887McGill 902McGill 904

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